What is Occupational Therapy

Happy child with painted hands

Occupational Therapists can help a child improve their thinking, physical, and motor skills so they can do the things they need to and want to do.

Occupational Therapists also address psychosocial, and environmental factors to help them understand themselves and make their environments more conducive to their needs.

A child’s main job or occupation is playing and learning and these are the areas that occupational therapist mainly focus on with regards to children.

An Occupational Therapsit will consider and discuss the various occupational tasks that a child engages in according to the care giver and child. These occupational tasks may include:

Self Care: dressing, toileting, grooming, feeding

Leisure: playing with other children, social interaction, imaginative play.

Productivity: handwriting, reading, how a child is coping in their classroom environment, academic skills,

Rest: Irregular sleep patterns, difficulty relaxing or sleeping.

If your child is having challenges with any of the activities mentioned above then an assessment with us at Advance Occupational may be of benefit for your child.


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